Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have recently discovered the glory of Hulu and while catching up on a show I regularly watch, Hulu suggested - of all things - the episode of How to Look Good Naked featuring Heather McGee, who has a congenital heart defect. It was the end of season 2 finale, I believe, and I really didn't need to watch it because I was actually there at her surprise fashion show party. I was too overweight at the time to model a dress but the producers let me kick back all day and hang out with my friends and join the party later on. It was a very fun evening and I am pleased to report Carson is a big fucking sweetheart who really does give a shit.

OK, so I usually give exactly zero fucks when it comes to comments left on Hulu videos but I got curious to see what people thought of the episode and much to my chagrin I read this:

I wish he'd do a girl who actually has some body issues. A scar or two really isnt that hard to get over. But then again who knows. *shrug*

Bitch, I will fucking cut you.
Are you fucking serious with this ignorant ass comment? Who the fuck are you to play judge and jury on the way someone views themselves? How dare you fucking undermine and invalidate Heather's worthiness of being on this show. This isn't even about Heather as an individual - it's about the fact that she, like many of us, have "a scar or two" and how that equates to being unworthy of being featured on How to Look Good Naked.
I wonder what percentage of a CHDer's body needs to be covered in scars in order to be deemed worthy enough for this concerned viewer?

I consider myself one of the fortunate people who did not have scar-related body image issues (I have other issues that give me body image woes but that's neither here nor there) but I volunteer with kids - LITTLE KIDS AND TEENS - living with congenital heart defects and every year I always get a kid or two who opens up and shares their body image insecurities with me. Because they trusted me enough to share their scars - not just the physical scars, but the emotional and psychological scars.
Hell, Camp del Corazon was FOUNDED on the observation of a cardiac kid having body image issues.

So don't you fucking tell me that Heather, these kids, or anyone else living with CHD is unworthy of a little love and attention from a Queer Eye Guy whose only crime is wanting women to see how fabulous they are in the skin they're in.


Now get the fuck off my lawn.

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  1. "I will fucking cut you" priceless. If you need help, I can sharpen up my shank and go on a fieldtrip! <3