Sunday, December 18, 2011

Slow as moleasses

This recovery has been brutally slow and even painful. I knew to anticipate a couple of weeks, even a month, worth of discomfort, but I am pushing close upon six weeks and my body is still warped and out of proportion. It has kind of sucked the motivation out of me to do anything - work, blogging, going out or basically doing anything other than rotting my brains on TV and Netflix.

The level of discomfort is astounding. Imagine your belly swells twice (or more) the size it is now, stretching your skin as far as it can humanly go, your veins bulging, your organs pushed against the walls inside and all the while it feels like you ate your way through a Las Vegas buffet. Oh, and speaking of eating and drinking, no matter how hungry you are, you won't be able to eat much because of the fullness.

That's what my life is right now.

It's not pretty and it's certainly not at all comfortable.

So if I'm not up on my usual funny and witty banter you know why.

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