Friday, April 22, 2011

Conversations with TEAM RACHAEL!

the follow is a dramatizing of a real conversation between myself and TEAM RACHAEL!

10:19pm Me: You fix that shit with the insurance?

06:36am TR!: WTF, mate?

08:57am Me: Y'know, something nonsense about the insurance going apeshit about my medicine? The pharmacists lost their damn minds on me about it.

TR!: ¿QuĂ©?

Me: Check your fax tray, yo.

TR!: *checks*

TR! *sometime between 08:57am and 09:18am*

TR!: *waves hand passed insurance company's face* You will cover this medication for my patient.

Insurance: We will cover this medication for you.

09:18am TR!: Your medication will be ready to pick up tonight.

Me: OMG, how did you do that?

TR!: Girl, please. Ain't no one gonna mess with TEAM RACHAEL!

Me: TY, I luv u!

TR!: May the force be with you.

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