Thursday, August 9, 2012

Liver Biopsy Results

Technically, I received this phone call last week, but being of a superstitious nature, I waited a full week to share this with everyone because the cardiologist who read my test results was not Dr. Evil, my cardiologist. Dr. Evil was out of town, so Dr. Not-My-Cardiologist was filling in. It's not as if Dr. Not-My-Cardiologist isn't a fully qualified medical professional, he's just not on my team and therefore I am uncomfortable with him making judgment calls on my health.
So I said to TEAM RACHAEL!, "Get back to me when The Man has had a look at it. I'm not telling the internet I'm all puppies and unicorns until I hear it from him. Not that I don't trust your man there, but, let's be real: I don't trust your man there like."

I'm so happy TEAM RACHAEL! understands my use of the English language.

He did and confirmed what I had already been told: No signs of cirrhosis, not even a significant amount of fibrosis (unsure if I am using the proper term here, but essentially not a lot of scarring)

My liver is functioning the best it possibly can and is as healthy as can be.

Superb news indeed.

Now pass me the sangria.

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