Thursday, July 26, 2012

So. We Meet Again, Moriarty.

Tomorrow morning I have an out-patient procedure scheduled with the nefarious Dr. Moriarty. During my last check-up with TEAM RACHAEL! in June I said I would be up for another paracentesis so long as I was, in layman's terms, knocked the fuck out. My cardiologist decided this was the perfect opportunity to exert his powers for evil and scheduled a liver biopsy as well.
These are not Bad Things or Shit We Need To Stress Over at the moment. The former is helping out the excess fluid that had accumulated after my November surgery and the latter is something that has been on the docket since around 2009. There was no evidence to suggest an urgent need for a biopsy, though, so the Doc has just been lying in wait (like a snake) for an opportunity like this to present itself. They first wanted to schedule it right away, at the end of June/beginning of July. I had personal business going on, however, and didn't need another source of stress piled on top of everything I've been dealing with. Additionally, I wanted to celebrate my birthday as well so it had to be scheduled afterward, hence tomorrow. Not exactly an ideal time regardless but better now than never.

I have to say, I am entering in this situation with a little bit more trepidation than I normally would for an outpatient procedure. Primarily my concerns stem from the last paracentesis which went down as one of the most painful experience of my life. That and the last time I was under anesthetic I woke up to find myself in months of blundering medical bullshit.

Regardless, I'm going through with it so wish me luck and a quick, efficient, virtually painless recovery.