Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Essential List for Surgery

I consider myself a Pro at going into the hospital. Many years of trial and error has turned into well valued lessons of what to bring and how to prepare myself for my hospital stay.
Here is a tentative list of what I would like to obtain and bring along with me to insure my comfort as well as my morale.

- Deodorant (sugary marshmallow or baby powder scented preferred)
- Lip balm
- Coloring books + colored pencils
- Word Search books (for when I want to exercise my brain)
- Book to read, or have read to me (preferably something I have already read so I don't have to think too hard as my brain will be foggy. I don't mind sharing that I regress a little when I'm recovering from surgery so I usually go for middle grade fiction)
- Trashy magazines for idle entertainment (my brain is already mush, why not go with it?)
- Toothbrush & toothpaste FROM HOME (I hate not being able to brush my teeth at night)
- Hairbrush
- Hairbands to put hair in braids so it won't tangle like a bitch
- Cute hospital gown*
- Cute scrubs**
- Cute pajamas
- Plenty of comfortable underwear
- Earplugs (to block out noisy neighbors and machinery)

* = Why are there only cute MATERNITY gowns on Etsy? I need the ANTI-MATERNITY hospital gown. Preferably in an adorable print, like one of these darling Doctor Who motifs

** = I used to own cute scrubs. They were hot pink with white hibiscus flowers. Not precisely my thing (flowers that is, but hot pink yes) but I lived in them for years. I was sad when they ate it. Anyone want to make me cute scrubs to go with my ANTI-MATERNITY hospital gown?

What's your list of essential Surgery/Hospital trip accessories?

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  1. Amanda / DutchessAugust 2, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    First I love your list! Coloring books are essential! And word search books became my visitor guest book. After each visitor would complete one, they would sign their name and date it.

    I think my father said it best, after surgery I became an old person, in movement, activities and daily schedule. Here's my list:

    - Yarn, I actually spent so much time crocheting I made my self a blanket in the hospital

    - a fancy robe, mine happened to be a magenta/ bright pink terry cloth robe with white satin trim (I resembled a slow moving, hunched over, pale version of hugh hefner . . . or just the female version)But I looked quite fancy strolling (and by strolling I mean shuffling while holding on to the wall)around the ICU.

    - thick socks, as much as I love the hospital grippy socks, they just aren't thick enough so I start with my fuzzy socks then layer on the hospital grippies

    - window markers, (this might not apply to every hospital but at Phoenix children's the ICU rooms have sliding glass doors for one wall of your room)so as each person that came to visit traced their hand on the "wall of love" as it was called and left a message or drew a picture

    - febreze and hand sanitizer, when I first woke up I was really sensitive to smell and thought i was going to vomit at the drop of a hat. So my mother being the crazy heart mother that she is sprayed and sanitized everyone and everything!

    That's about all I can think of . . . for now!